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Interactive. Therapeutic. Loads of fun!


Wellness and Empowerment Programs that Rock!

Therapeutic drumming
has been proven to be an effective health and wellness tool 
that produces positive changes – FAST!

feel better,
get unstuck,
and find your joy!

Want a Fun Way to Help You Move Forward?

Click here to set up a free call to see how my unique blend of drum therapy, motivation, and mentoring can help you or your child rise up and rock – in 3 months or less!! Customized programs for groups and organizations as well, including a drum ministry!

Drum Therapy

Backed by science and loads of fun

Drumming Classes and Events

Customized classes and events

Drum Ministry

Ministry. Motivation. Music.


Talks, Workshops, and Book Tour

Rise Up & Rock!

Although I’ve done many fun hand drumming classes and events, I specialize in helping Christian creatives, entrepreneurs, and female leaders Rise Up and Rock and find their Inner Warrior.


Drum Therapy

This is NOT African, tribal, or Shamanic drumming, or a drum lesson.  My drum therapy sessions are custom-designed, science-based programs with proven health and wellness benefits, backed by loads of medical research. We use hand drums, not a drum set.

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