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My mission is to help kids and adults focus, feel better, and find their joy – with drumming! It can also help you literally beat anxiety, stress, and ADHD issues, and gain clarity and confidence so you can break free from what’s holding you back! And it can be done virtually!

My unique blend of mentoring, motivation, and music has helped thousands of kids and adults!

I’m Dori Staehle, MBA: Mentor, authorinspirational speakerdrum healer, owner of Next Stage Drumming, and the only certified drum therapist in North Carolina.

I’ve been fascinated by and addicted to rhythm since I was a kid. I tapped on everything. I heard beats in my head all the time! I still do! Finally, at age 47, I auditioned for a church band on percussion (bongos, congas, shakers, tambourine, chimes, etc.).

It was then that I discovered that hand drumming helped beat stress and ADHD issues and improved productivity. I Googled drum therapy and discovered it’s backed by science and loads of medical research. Thirteen years ago, I became a Certified Drum Therapist with Drums and Disabilities and later trained with Health Rhythms. After my accident in 2011, I discovered first-hand that therapeutic drumming is a very powerful tool. Thanks to drumming and Divine Intervention, I was completely healed in just two weeks!

I decided that I didn’t want to just move onto the Next Stage of my life, I wanted to rock it and help others do the same! Click the video to get a better idea!

Want to know how drum therapy can help you, your child, or your organization, or would you like to schedule a fun event? 
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