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Talks, Workshops, and Book Tour!

It’s time to Rise Up & Rock! Join the Movement!

It’s time to activate your gifts and move them forward! This is not the time to shrink back! It’s time to step up and channel your Inner Warrior!

If you’d like a funny and energetic keynote, Christian, or motivational speaker who keeps it real, contact me to schedule a talk, workshop, or retreat! Interactive drumming can be included!

And yes, talks, workshops, Lunch and Learns, and team-building programs can be delivered virtually!

About me:

I’m the Founder and CEO of Next Stage Drumming. I’ve been speaking to groups of adults and teens for over 20 years. After a freak accident that set my life into a tailspin, I decided I didn’t want to just move onto the next stage of my life – I wanted to rock it!

Thanks to drumming and Divine Intervention, I healed in only 2 weeks. I then wrote my first book, Find Your Divine Rhythm: A Creatives’ Success Formula and began incorporating drumming into my talks. I often provide instruments for the audience as well. I’ve developed customized therapeutic drumming techniques that help with specific issues and I’m the only certified drum therapist in North Carolina.

Benefits to your audience:
– Increased clarity and confidence
– Benefits to mental, physical, and cognitive health
– Practical tips and strategies (mindset, anxiety and stress relief, focusing, ADHD, finding balance, finding your purpose, boosting your talent, business, or career)
– Inspiration and motivation to keep going!
– A fun, interactive, and entertaining event

Talks can be customized to meet your group’s needs.

Available for talks, keynotes, half-day, or full-day workshops. If you’d like to book me or you’d like more info, call 919-906-7842 or email me at

My Most Requested Talks & Workshops:

Very frustrated angry woman screamingBeat Stress & Find Your Groove

Do you feel out of sync or stressed out? Need clarity, direction, and a game plan for the next stage of your business, your career, your company, or your life? This talk combines brainstorming activities to help you develop a positive mindset, as well as some interactive drumming to boost clarity, creativity, productivity, cooperation, stress relief – and fun!

This talk is useful for teens or adults or in the corporate setting. A corporate talk could include group team-building activities to help the whole team find their groove and get on the same page. Instruments provided for in-person events. No drumming experience necessary. For virtual events, participants drum on their laps, their desk, or whatever they have available.

Rise Up and Rock: Activating Your God-Given Purpose

Are you wondering what your purpose is, what you should be doing in this stage of your life, or how to use your gifts in a bigger way? I’ll share some tips to help you get in the groove, rock what you’ve got, and reset your mindset! Based on my second book, this talk is suitable for Christian women, female leaders, creative professionals, and those in transition. It can also be adapted for students, using my extensive education experience (business #1). Drumming can definitely be included!

Based on my book, Rise Up & Rock: Activating Your God-Given Purpose, I bust past the myths and the excuses to show audiences how they can move forward using what they have, where they are, right now


Here’s a little summary of what you can expect:


Let’s talk about drumming